Alquilando is the first Spanish speaking marketplace for long-term rentals in Latin America, that simplifies the process and guarantees rent payments.
Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal
Real Estate

The problem:
Tenants and landlords are very dissatisfied with the current rental. The main issue is the fragmented offline bureaucratic market with no tools to make the process easier for realtors.
The solution:
Disruption of the rental process by means of an online platform that integrates real estate services with InsurTech and FinTech solutions. Thus delivering the most complete long-term rental service: faster, easier and cheaper. Using a freemium model for realtors that let them earn more money, have more clients and add more value: tailored made financial services and online insurance solutions.
Alquilando disrupts the real estate market as an innovative solution, offering a new trust ecosystem that eliminates bureaucracy, guarantees rental payments on time and allows contract signatures to take place up to 5 times faster. We are able to be very profitable with half the standard commission.
B-to-B-to-C: we charge Realtors, Insurance companies and Banks a commission out of each sale. Final consumers are:
Home owners who lease multiple units
Landlords who lease a single unit but find their time valuable
Tenants looking for insurance or units to move.