Humans on-Demand to train Artificial Intelligence for speech recognition
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Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning

Atexto is the humans on-demand platform to train AI for speech recognition. Our customers are companies that use Atexto to improve by training their machine learning models for speech recognition in a wide range of use cases including call centers, voice assistants, regulatory surveillance, fraud prevention, speech to text analytics, and more.

We built software that allow us to convert any human being on earth in an AI-trainer by transcribing and tagging audio-files, just like reCaptcha allowed anyone to digitalize books or enrich maps by transcribing and tagging images. Today we sell audio transcription and tagging in 7 languages. +99% accurate, +99% confidence level, 8 times cheaper and 14 times faster than main competitors.

With Atexto, companies can improve up to 30% the predictive capacity of their automatic speech recognition solutions and reduce the deployment timeframe from 2 to 6 months to 2-4 weeks.