Brenda Mana

Descripción personal

As an entrepreneur, developed several operational skills, including management, finance, communications, branding, sales, and, most of all, resiliency--wearing any hat needed to push business on and up. As an ICT policy expert, acquired superior ability to engage with governmental authorities in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as with the industry, to address a wide range of ICT topics, particularly including security, new telecommunication technologies, net neutrality, over-the-top, etc. Led task forces operations coordination in various themes. Above all, personal credibility and flexible team leader and worker with ability to work cooperatively with others on a team, as well as to manage and direct working groups in specific topics.


CEO 2019 - 2019
Atexto is the humans on-demand platform to train AI for speech recognition. Our customers are companies that use Atexto to improve their machine learning models for speech recognition in a wide range of use cases including call centers, voice assistants, regulatory surveillance, speech to text analytics, and more.