BUREA is the leading rewards mobile app that gives brands a direct connection to shoppers to incentivize purchases, and increase engagement.
Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal
San Juan, San Juan
Publicidad y Marketing

Brands spend millions in offline marketing campaigns each year. These efforts give them very little insight regarding the who, what, when, where and why shoppers purchase their products. The information they get is not actionable and leaves a great gap to discover regarding shopper behavior. To solve this, we developed BUREA, a shopper marketing app that gives its users a constantly updated list of offers and promotions on consumer products. They can buy the promoted products in any store, take a picture of the receipt and submit it in order to reap benefits. This gives users the necessary incentive to create an account and upload receipts, which allows BUREA to create unique profiles of shoppers and their behavior so brands can improve their consumer-specific marketing. Marketing improvements are seen in the form of budget efficiency, increased sales, shopper awareness, and the ability to influence a shopper’s decision throughout their path to purchase. The front-end of BUREA is a versatile free-to-download mobile app. It has a complete array of features, ranging from a simplistic but user friendly design, eye-catching publicity banners, in-app camera access and shopping lists. On the backend, the platform uses optical character recognition together with an advanced crowdsourcing picture-to-text conversion pipeline using Amazon Mechanical Turk, to digitalize purchase receipts with a 95% accuracy rate. All services are deployed inside the Amazon Cloud using all security, high-availability, and resiliency best practices. User login and other sensitive data (such as the registered bank or Paypal account to receive payments) is one-way encrypted, meaning that only each individual user (the owner of the data) can access his/her data. BUREA generates income from diverse revenue streams. Fixed Fees are collected from manufacturers and/or distributors for individual services. The amount of such fees varies depending on the service and the technical complexity of the client’s request. The Company also charges a Transaction Fee per each offer redeemed through BUREA and a Reporting Fee for the insights provided to the client from the data collected during the campaigns.