Personalized Travel Made Easy & Accessible
Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning

We’re bringing travel agencies back in style.

We are an online agency, backed by an innovative technology platform and database which allows us to quickly match our clients with their ideal trip by using their personal preferences and styles.

Travel trends have shifted. Instead of visiting major cities and big resorts, millennials like to explore unique and remote destinations, making trip-planning much harder -- today, it takes them an average of 30+ hours and 38 website visits to book. The only solution available is expensive and outdated travel agencies. We’re here to help this new wave of travelers who would have turned to tedious self-planning.

How it works: Through our simple survey, clients tell us about themselves, their budget, and the experiences they’re seeking. Our database takes this information and filters through over 700 vetted destinations to quickly craft highly personalized proposals. Our travel team gets in touch with the client to make sure they’re happy with the itinerary and get them booked.

We will continue to further develop our technology and increase automation until the tool can be released directly to our customers. At that point, they will be able to select their preferences and quickly pick and choose from an optimized shortlist filtered from thousands of destinations, and book directly through our site. A travel expert team will always be available to help out. The idea is to monetize the same way Expedia does, but to capture clients further up in the research-to-book funnel.