Solución digital y accesible para ayudar a dejar de fumar, combinando psicología y mindfulness con realidad virtual e inteligencia artificial.
Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning
Realidad Virtual y Realidad Aumentada

An accessible combination of empowering techniques (Mindfulness) and behavioral cue-exposure therapy (CET), with cutting-edge virtual reality technologies (VR), personalized by Machine Learning (ML) and supported by digital community of users and peers, over a massive technology platform (smartphones), delivers an engaging and self-assisted tobacco cessation program. The program consists of a series of coping skills content, that trains smokers over a 21 days program, to overcome their addiction and help them quit.
All-encompassing: combines three different evidence-based approaches into one therapy: VR-MET.
Innovative: the first to incorporate mobile disruptive technologies.
Empowering: promotes self-awareness and teaches coping skills to eradicate the root of the bad habit.
Accessible: the MindCotine Kit (Cardboard VR headset) is sold worldwide through mobile-based platforms, at a significantly lower price than any other solution available.

This combination allows our users to enter a virtual realm, where they can train their coping skills in a mobile personalized immersive tobacco cessation program, and experience what their life would be without nicotine addiction, even before they have managed to shed the addiction. According to several research sources and our own ongoing validation trials, experiencing these changes through VR does not only inspire the smoker to quit smoking but, by breaking bio-chemical cycles of behavior-consumption-reward in the brain, MindCotine also has a positive impact on the development of new patterns of behavior. The main component of the MindCotine program is the personalization of cessation efforts delivered through a mobile-based Virtual Reality (VR) treatment using cardboard headsets (MindCotine Kit). This approach enhances reach (100% global smartphone market penetration for 2020) and efficacy (customized and real-time treatment by ML) to optimize IMPACT of our evidence-based technology. Our approach develops and reinforces the skills necessary to curb cravings.