Smart living through IoT LP Gas measurement

Nube is a startup with a clear vision: to use the latest trends in IoT (Internet of Things) technology to build a smarter and better connected world, thus improving the quality of life in our communities, while adding value to existing business models and create the opportunity for the emergence of new models.

In Nube we are determined to deliver true IoT (end-to-end) solutions that effectively solve the problems present in various industries and in the daily life of cities.

Our first IoT solution (already available in Mexico), uses our technology platform to monitor LP gas levels in stationary tanks, by wirelessly transmitting data to the "cloud".
Gas companies access this data through a web portal for their exclusive use, optimizing the provision of the LP gas supply service. Consumers, both residential and commercial, use a mobile app on their phone to monitor their gas levels, manage their consumption and schedule orders.