Pablo Estevez Hinojosa

Descripción personal

Pablo lived in the United States for 10 years before returning to Mexico City to pursue a bachelor's in economics. Before founding Gus, Pablo participated in the management of a B2B sales team in Mexico and was part of a team the spearheaded the acquisition of a franchise license for México and LATAM

Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning
Software as a Service
Real Estate
¿Qué estoy buscando?

I'm interested in getting exposure to investors, potential clients for Gus.Chat, hearing about other start-ups experiences, and learning about B2B sales


While at my previous job I was the top sales associate in my first year at the company additionally within my second year I was placed in charge of the sales operation. In my time as head of sales, we generated more than USD 2 Million AAR. Within Gus I’m in charge of the sales process, messaging and outbound sales where we’ve generates a pipeline of more than 150 qualified opportunities in under 6 months


Co-Founder/ Head of Sales 2015 - 2019
In charge of the sales process, messaging and outbound sales