Rich Peniche

I help entreprenerus build memorable companies at Super Early. Former Head of Experience at Conekta.

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Designer and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. In this time I've founded, directed, collaborated and advised various companies, participated in Mexican.VC and 500 Startups, and mentored Startup Weekends.

In the past, I've led business, design, marketing and development areas. Today, I help entrepreneurs create memorable companies at Super Early.

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Head of Experience 2016 - 2017
In this position I was responsible for creating a Wow Factor around the company’s image, and designing how the staff would live being part of Conekta, as well as the experience that customers would have in every interaction with the company.
Head of Design 2015 - 2016
As leader of the design team, I was part of the Conekta’s Executive Team where I actively participated in the definition of the company's global strategy, and was in charge of a multidisciplinary team, responsible for the marketing, communication and design activities.
Lead Designer 2013 - 2015
As Conekta’s first designer, I worked directly with the founders and had the opportunity to give birth, tone and shape to the brand and image of the company throughout its various pivots upto its consolidation as a business. My main activities revolved around the corporate image, the website, the platform -the Admin Conekta-, and the company's events.
CEO & Co-Founder 2011 - 2012
Pikhub was a startup that sought to become the solution for collaborative albums between people.