Samuel Perez Bardasz

Descripción personal

Growing up in Venezuela I had two diverse interests that intrigued me: the oil business, which was all around me and real estate, which offered boundless opportunities as the country’s economy grew. I’m Samuel Perez, and following my dreams has brought me a fulfilling and successful career.

I graduated college with a BSc in Economics, and later earned an MSc in Hydrocarbon Enterprise. I began my career evaluating the NPV of North Sea oil and gas fields, then as a Business Developer for a HSE consulting firm in Latam. Since 2007 I have served companies that aid petroleum exploration, drilling and production operations of PEMEX. Through innovation, strong interpersonal skills, and a natural propensity for networking, I have been able to identify talent, effectively hire, motivate individuals, and lead cross-functional teams to achieve business goals.

My knowledge of the Oil & Gas business, along with a vast network of contacts, has facilitated my success as a business advisor in Petroleum and related businesses, offering insight and assistance in the areas of strategic planning, general management, and operations.

Throughout my career I’ve maintained my interest in real estate, being able to turn an initial $5,000 investment into continuos passive income.

I’m currently seeking to combine my two passions: economics and petroleum into a position as an executive for an Oil & Gas company, or with an investment bank as a specialist in the energy sector.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss my experiences, please connect with me on LinkedIn. Please refer to your opportunity in your request to connect.

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