We are passionate about making happiness real for people’s lives. We are building the gaming platform for non-gamers
Guadalajara, Jalisco
Publicidad y Marketing

By giving users real world prizes they feel that their time and money is well used. We have a feed with daily new competitions to win the prizes by playing one of our casual games. The non-gamers don’t want big and complex games, they want an easy but fun game, and they love to compete. Brands also get value with no risk in acquisition, they don’t have to pay to have exposure.

A subscription model is the main model, users access to premium content and features.
We ask brands for sponsored prizes, and also we charge users IAPs to access competitions to win the prizes.
We are innovating in the revenue model in the gaming industry, as an alternative to ads that don’t create value, with the subscription model we don’t depend on brands or just the whales.